Poteto Riichi Taikai 2019


Poznań, Poland


1-2 June 2019

(31 May - EMA Referee Seminar)


EMA Riichi Rules, 2016 version

Tournament weight



28 participants

Entry fee

120 PLN (lunch included)


We are happy to announce that we’ll be organising a EMA certified mahjong tournament in Poznań. Given that this region of Poland is well known for its love of potatoes (ポテート potēto in Japanese), we have decided to name it Poteto Richii Taikai; this tournament is our third edition. It will be held on 1-2nd June 2019 at Moderno Hotel****. Due to limited space, we have to limit the number of participants to 60 players. The entry fee of 120 PLN (~28 €) includes 2 lunches (vegetarian options available). We will play eight 90-minute hanchans using EMA Riichi Rules (2016 Version). In line with the tradition of Polish riichi tournaments, there will be prizes for the 4 highest ranked players, as well as a small towel for the last player to wipe their tears. We will organize a referee seminar one day before the tournament (on Friday, 31th of May). After the first day of the tournament there will be an integration party. For more information, check info page.

Looking forward to see you at the tournament!



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